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Protective Pet Car Seat Cover

Protective Pet Car Seat Cover

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 PROTECT YOUR CAR INTERIOR AS YOU TRAVEL WITH YOUR DOG - Easiest way to protect your car seats from spills, scratches, fur, and dirt carried by your pet. 

 HEAVY-DUTY & WATERPROOF - Made with durability, & your dog's comfort in mind, our backseat covers are made from high-quality hypoallergenic nylon that is not only waterproof but can also withstand wear and tear from your pet on a day-to-day basis. A must-have essential every pet owner shouldn't miss.  

 UNIVERSAL FIT FOR ANY VEHICLE - Through many tests on a variety of vehicles, our car seat cover has never failed to fit just right. No matter what vehicle you may own, this will be the perfect fit.

 PET-FRIENDLY DESIGN - It comes with a non-slip base finish designed to protect your pet from slipping towards the dashboard every time you hit the brakes. This translates to a much more worry-free driving experience for you, & a comfy lounging experience for your pet. 

EASY TO CLEAN - When the back seat car cover gets dirty, you can just remove it at ease and launder it in the washing machine to get it fresh, clean, and ready for use again. Easy to install within a few minutes according to our instruction manual. 

QUICK & EASY TO INSTALL - No special tools and technical skills needed. It can be installed in just a matter of minutes. Simply unfold the dog seat, hook the safety strap on the front and rear headrest of your vehicle. Once attached, insert the seat anchors in between the seat back and the seat surface to prevent the cover from sliding out of place. Once done, you're all set for an easier travel experience.


  • Item Type: Rear Back Car Seat Cover
  • Material: Polyester, PVC
  • Car: Fits all cars, SUV's & trucks

Size Guide

Whats Included

  •  1 x  Waggy Tails™ Protective Pet Car Cover

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q: What makes the Waggy Tails™ Car Seat Cover better than standard covers?

    • A: Our unique, waterproof cover is designed and used as a hammock, capable of protecting both the rear seats and the backs of the front seats. The distinctive shape helps keep fur and dirt away from your car entirely while keeping your dog safe and the driver free of any distractions.
    Q: Will the Waggy Tails™ Car Seat Cover fit my car?
    • A: The Waggy Tails™ Car Seat Cover is designed to fit the rear seats of cars, trucks and standard SUVs. With adjustable straps and flexible material, the cover can accommodate the vast majority of interiors.
    Q: Is the cover suitable for my dog breed?
    • A: Absolutely! The Waggy Tails™ Car Seat Cover is compatible with all types of dogs, within all age ranges. Perfect for any breed, size, and personality.
    Q: Can I still use a harness/dog seatbelt if the Waggy Tails™ Car Seat Cover is in the car?
    • A: Yes! There are velcroed openings on top of the seat belt buckles which easily allow you to attach a harness or dog seatbelt.
    Q: Can someone sit in the back with my dog when the cover is on?
    • A: Yes! There are velcroed openings on top of the seat belt buckles which easily allow you to attach a seatbelt. Alternatively, you can remove the buckled straps from the front headrests to allow the cover to fold into the footwell for extra legroom.
    Q: Will the cover allow a child's car seat to strap on top?
    • A: Yes! There are velcroed openings on top of the seat belt buckles that allow easy and secure access.

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