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Dog Puzzle Slow Feeder

Dog Puzzle Slow Feeder

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Dogs love puzzle toys and they are often recommended by dog behaviourists. Our interactive puzzle is designed to help keep your dog busy while you’re away to increase mental stimulation & boost your pup's IQ.

In the same way it’s important to keep your dog physically stimulated with walks and play time, it’s also essential to exercise their brain. Most dogs are extremely motivated by food, so this food based puzzle is perfect for them.


 Keep your dog entertained & increase their IQ - The treat compartments & moving pieces will keep your dog busy while teaching them problem-solving skills to imporve their IQ. 

 Decrease behaviour problems - Food puzzles tap into dogs natural instincts to hunt & scavenge. They also encourage the use of both mental & physical energy to obtain their food. This may help decrease behavior problems that stem from boredom & lack of exercise.

  A great outlet - Dogs love playing with toys that have treats in! Our Puzzle Feeder channels their excitement to healthy exercise & interaction with a toy!

 Improves digestion - The portions are more controlled & fed to your dog slower, this prevents overeating & helps with digestion.

 Improves mood & prevents destructive behaviour - Allowing your dog to play releases endorphins (feel-good chemicals) in your dog’s brain. This gives them life satisfaction & reduces their urge to perform destructive behaviour. This leads to a happy pup & a happy owner!

 Eases anxiety - Dog Puzzle Feeders are proven to help ease anxiety by providing your dog with healthy exercise whilst stimulating their mind.

Why Brain Games Are Important

Brain games are beneficial for every dog, but they are particularly important if you have a dog who can’t do as much physical exercise, for example if your dog is a little older or is recovering from an operation. Brain games also help build self confidence in puppies as they encourage them to learn to play by themselves.

If your dog isn’t feeling stimulated, they can become bored or frustrated. This can lead to them developing unwanted habits as they try and find an outlet for their energy so it’s best to try and keep them engaged, plus you can have fun with them in the process.


Colour: Blue/Pink/Green
Material: ABS
Size: 9.5 x 9.5 x 1.2 in (24*24*3 cm)
Weight: about 0.348kg

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