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Dog Chew Brush

Dog Chew Brush

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"My Doggy loves it! I feel so much happier keeping his teeth clean with this rather than having to brush them all the time. He enjoys brushing his teeth now!"

Laura, London


🐾 Promotes Healthy Teeth - Our Dog Chew Brush is very effective at cleaning dog's teeth and gums. It even significantly reduces the risk of gum disease and promotes healthy teeth.

🐾 Prevents Undetected Dental Diseases - Most gum diseases in dogs occur under the gum-line. This means that your pup may be in pain without you ever knowing! Give yourself the peace of mind that your dog is protected and comfortable by treating them to our Dog Chew Brush.

🐾 Your Dogs Will Love It - With such a high rate of positive reactions from our customer's dogs, it is very likely that your dog will also love the No.1 Dog Toy of 2020!

🐾 Avoid The Hassle Of Teeth Brushing - Every dog owner knows the struggle of trying to brush their dog's teeth. Why not let your pup clean their teeth whilst playing with their own new favourite toy?

🐾 Prevent Your Dog From Biting On Other Things - Dogs have a natural instinct to bite on materials from around your home. This means that your dog can often damage your belongings or play with dangerous items, such as electrical cables. The Dog Chew Brush provides your pup with a safe and healthy toy to chew on. This satisfies their wild-side whilst improving dental health.

🐾 Prevents Many Other Health Issues - Our Chew Brush stimulates a healthy appetite which helps prevent under/overeating.


🐾 Multi-Functional Cleaning Effect - Our specially designed Dog Chew Brush benefits your dog in 3 clever ways! The outer nubs massage your pup's gums, the slots/grooves scrape the plaque and tartar off your dog's teeth and the central reservoir can be filled with your pup's favourite toothpaste!

🐾 Suitable For All Dogs - Our Dog Chew Brush is 100% safe for all dogs to chew on and play with so you can rest easy with the knowledge that your furry friend is safe biting on the Dog Chew Brush (available in 2 sizes)!

🐾 Dishwasher Safe - You can quickly & easily clean the Dog Chew Brush by putting it in the dishwasher! It won't get damaged, and it'll come out nice and clean ready to be played with once again!

Problems With Dog Dental Disease

Dental (tooth and gum) disease is a very common problem in dogs, especially as they get older. Dental problems are often very painful and left without treatment, can cause problems such as kidney disease and heart disease. Most dogs continue to eat even when they are in pain, so it’s important to keep an eye out for signs of a problem. Dental disease can result in a hefty vet bill if left until the problem worsens.

You can avoid these issues by treating your dog to the Dog Chew Brush, which effectively cleans their teeth in 3 ingenious ways, whilst they play! This can be very effective in preventing such dental diseases.

Why Choose Our No.1 Rated Product of 2020?

We strive to have the highest quality pet products on the market. We send out monthly customer questionnaires to gain feedback to ensure we are continually improving the design. So you can be sure that with our Chew Brush, you will have the highest quality dog dental care product on the market.

Not to mention our feature on the Modern Dog magazine!

We are proud to say that our Chew Brush has earned its reputation of being a revolutionary dog dental care product that has blown all competition out of the water due to its superior feature and excellent results!

How To Use It

🦴 1. Put a dab of pet toothpaste inside the toothpaste reservoir.

🐶 2. Give it to your pets to chew.

3. Let them chew on it for 5-15 minutes per day.

🦷 4. Watch your pup's teeth get cleaner and see their overall oral health improve!

What's Included

✔️ Premium Quality Dog Chew Brush

Product Specifications

Material: food grade / non-toxic natural rubber

Suitable for: All types of dogs

Frequently Asked Questions

1. My dog doesn't like his normal toothbrush, how do I know if he'll like this?

Our Chew Brush is specifically designed to ensure your dog has fun whilst cleaning their teeth as it acts as a toy. Our recent customer survey this month showed that over 85% of dogs that don't like their teeth being brushed still thoroughly enjoyed our Chew Brush!

2. What ingredients are used in the Dog Chew Brush?

Our Chew Brush is made with food grade / non-toxic natural rubber.

3. Is this Chew Brush healthy for my dogs?

Absolutely! Our Dog Chew Brush is a healthy product allowing your dogs to play and improve their dental hygiene at the same time! As most gum diseases in dogs occur under the gum-line you can give yourself the peace of mind that your dog is staying healthy if they are using our Chew Brush.

4. Why is the Furry Paws Chew Brush better than other dog dental care products?

We strive to have the highest quality pet products on the market. We send out monthly customer questionnaires to gain feedback to ensure we are continually improving the design to ensure that our customers receive the highest quality dog dental care products on the market.

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